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The Villainess Behind the Mask

By: Leeha Seo, San, Seogac
Ever since she was a child, Winsty has hidden the fact that she’s a wizard. Her parents warned her to wait to use her abilities because her power was too much, and when a tragedy resulted in her parents’ deaths, Winsty was convinced her use of magic was the reason. Vulnerable and weak, her cousin Adelina supports her throughout her life, often “exerting” herself as the “head” of the family in Winsty’s stead. So, when Winsty is poisoned on her wedding day by her cousin, the shock is enormous. But something brings Winsty back to the moment just before the wedding. To enact her revenge and take back what is hers, she will enter into a contractual relationship with a duke from a rival family. Her journey to take down Adelina and bring honor back to her family also reveals a conspiracy that goes all the way to the emperor. ⓒ San, Seogac, Leeha Seo / NETCOMICS All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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