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To Melt Your Frozen Heart

By: Schgitzel, ma'am
With his entire family either gone or missing, Adrian DeMonte must take the helm as the sole heir to the wealthy Velkra estate. By official decree of the emperor, Adrian is to choose a noblewoman for her hand in marriage. Adrian chooses the infamously ruthless Marchioness Frey Vuxia, known as the “Wolf of the Battlefield,” in hopes that she will reject his proposal. But to his surprise, she accepts! Now, Adrian must navigate not only the desolate corridors of the marchioness’s castle but also her savagely frigid heart. Unfortunately, the cunning emperor has held a lifelong flame for Lady Vuxia, and he will do anything to trap her once and for all, even if that means getting rid of Adrian. Will Adrian be able to win over the icy marchioness while avoiding the emperor’s clutches? ⓒ ma'am, Schgitzel / COPIN All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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