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Triggering Idle Desires

By: ganu
As the talented young son of a rich businessman, Jaehyun has always gotten everything he desires. And the housekeeper's son, Eunhae, is the one person he desires above all else. So when Jaehyun hears that Eunhae's moving away, he pushes him down the stairs in a fit of possessive rage. But seeing Eunhae suffer memory loss and teeter on the brink of death shocks Jaehyun, who grows too scared to let himself desire anything again. Seventeen years later, Jaehyun is an unmotivated and lazy shell of his former self-- until an unexpected reunion with Eunhae, who turns out to be working at his father's company! It only takes a single look at Eunhae's face for Jaehyun's desires to come rushing back, but Eunhae doesn't remember Jaehyun at all. There's no telling where their relationship is headed, but with Eunhae as his supervisor, there's a zero chance of Jaehyun keeping things professional... ⓒ ganu / Daewon C.I. Inc. All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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