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Twin Flames of Destiny

By: Tosay Culture, Wanzhi, Whale
"I'm actually doing this because of you, Miss Gu." Top actress Qu Xizhi makes an unconventional decision to take on a male lead role so she can work with Gu Xizhi, another actress who shares her name. The talented yet envious Gu Xizhi worries that Qu will once again outshine her in this new drama, but is determined to give her all to the show. Once the filming begins, Gu must shoot numerous intimate scenes with Qu, whose crossdressing is remarkably convincing. Can Gu keep up the act, or will it lead to something more... real? ⓒ Wanzhi (jjwxc) + Whale + Tosay Culture Company Limited/Kuaikan Comics) All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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