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Unquenchable Thirst

By: Bagatel, EYE, Hanyoung Hwang, INO
After drinking her sorrows away at a bar, Yeonji accepts the offer of a one-night stand from a handsome stranger who seems equally troubled. Six years later, Yeonji is struggling to make ends meet as an office temp while dealing with bullying at her workplace. To make matters worse, she runs into the company vice president, Joonwon, who happens to be the same man she slept with six years ago! What's more, Joonwon seems dead set on getting revenge for the humiliating way she left him that night... so much so that he even has her transferred to his own secretary office. But there seems to be more to the nefarious man's plans than just petty vengeance. As the truth about their past rears its ugly head, Yeonji learns that she and Joonwon are connected by much more than a simple fling... ⓒ Bagatel, EYE, INO, Hanyoung Hwang, Anytoon / NETCOMICS All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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