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Wake up, Warrior

By: Danaan
Genius herbalist Kakana Faeia is a reclusive sheep girl who just wants to be left alone to collect her medicinal herbs in the Forest of Death in peace. Of course, life is never that simple. One morning, as she is leaving her house, she finds five handsome men waiting for her outside, begging her to cure them, saying she helped them five years ago and they escaped an imperial prison just to find her. As much as Kakana would love to heal them, helping fugitives would mean bringing the wrath of the Empire down upon her. But the five men claim they can take on the Empire for her if she can help them reclaim their powers and become great warriors once more. Follow Kakana on her journey to save the five warriors, defeat an empire, and perhaps learn who the hero of her own story truly is! ⓒ Danaan / NETCOMICS All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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