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Walkthrough of Little Princess

By: Jiujiu
Princess Cherry couldn't help being born to a king who's absolutely obsessed with her. Sure, it may give her leverage over everyone else in the kingdom, but having a morally-inept, daughter-obsessed king for a father is hardly a fairy tale. Even so, that doesn't stop her from attracting the evil eye of the royal court, His Majesty's concubines, and even her own mother. And with practically everyone in the palace plotting to have her dethroned by any means necessary, Cherry certainly has her work cut out for her. Little do these amateurs know that picking on Daddy's little girl is a crime of deadly proportions. Now armed with assistance from a cheeky mouse servant and her father's unconditional love, Princess Cherry is ready to tackle the haters and any other obstacle this kingdom throws her way. ⓒ Jiujiu, Snap Studio All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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