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You Feel as Much as You Know [Mature]

By: HwangEdul, Imgeulcii
[Mature Audiences Only] Joo Dohee has never had an orgasm, but she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. That is, until the arrival of her new neighbor and old friend, Woo Ayeon. When it comes to sex, the two women couldn’t be any more different. Dohee only sees the act as a way to please her husband, Na Jeongdo. However, Ayeon does the dirty solely for her own pleasure, even if it means cheating on her husband, Cha Jaewook, who also happens to be Dohee’s college crush. The lives of these two married couples are about to get turned upside down when the wives suddenly switch bodies. Will Dohee finally open her eyes to the world of heated desires with the man of her dreams? And what will become of her husband now that he’s in the hands of a total nymphomaniac? ⓒ Imgeulcii, HwangEdul / JAEDAM All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.


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