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You Mustn’t, Your Majesty!

By: Ahn Jinae, Ari Choi, URANUS
There's nobody more loyal to Crown Prince Armund than Rosetta, his personal knight. But somehow, he keeps dying, no matter how many times she goes back in time to protect him. By the fifth loop, Rosetta switches tactics and becomes his personal maid in hopes of sticking by his side... Yet earning his trust as a maid proves to be her most difficult mission to date. The deathly paranoid Armund just won't let Rosetta get close to him! If this continues, Armund will face yet another grisly death. But the fifth time's a charm, right? Right...? ⓒ URANUS, Ahn Jinae, Ari Choi / REDICE STUDIO All rights reserved. Published by Tappytoon under license from partners.

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