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Recently, we have seen an increase in suspicious activity on some of the Tappytoon reader accounts that use Email + Password. While we take many steps to keep your account secure, we’d like to remind you about some steps to protect your account against unauthorized access.

  • Set a strong(er) password
  • Don’t reuse the same or similar password across multiple apps or services
  • Have a reasonable mix of lower and upper case letters, numbers, special characters as allowed

Set a new, stronger password for your account from the My Info menu of Tappytoon while logged in. (click the *****)
Forgot your password? You can have a "reset link" sent to the verified Tappytoon email address you signed up with.  (click the forgot button)

Tappytoon now offers series and comics for Mature Audiences, but ONLY on our website and mobile website.

You can still read these Mature Audience titles on your phone’s internet browser such as Chrome or mobile Safari.

In order to offer the rest of our comics through mobile apps, Tappytoon must comply with Apple and Google's content rules. Due to Apple and Google platform policies, certain restricted or Mature titles cannot be accessed in the mobile iOS or Android apps. Thank you for your understanding.

⚠️ Important!
 "Mature Audiences Only" versions (only available on Web/Mobile Web) of a comic are SEPARATE from their Regular/Non-Mature version.
Chapters unlocked on one version will NOT carry over to the other version. Please confirm the [Mature] indicator near a title (see image below from our website).

⚠️ Important!
 To access Mature Audiences titles
on the Tappytoon website, you must:
1. Log in
2. Confirm your age is 18 or older (or equivalent in your jurisdiction)
3. Set the "Mature" switch to ON at the top of the page

A quick shortcut to our expanding Mature selection:

NOTE: Tappytoon does NOT censor the artwork or scenes of our "Mature Audiences Only" titles. They are serviced to you through Tappytoon as the original artist or content partner has provided them to us. Similarly, certain titles have a separate "Mature" version and "Regular/Non-Mature" version; any scenes or art removed for the Regular version is, again, as the original artist or content partner has intended.

- READ ALSO: ⚠️ • iOS Tokens are separate/different from Web/Android Tokens! [more info→]

Please see the full help on account issues and login here ▶︎

Tappytoon comics are viewed in vertical-scroll mode. After the comic loads, simply scroll from top to bottom. Keep scrolling down to the end of the episode or chapter. Simple, right?

"Time till free" is a portion of the Tappytoon service where you can read the next chapter for free, one chapter at a time, every 24 hours (or the required time period as indicated). Begin reading a Time till free comic and after the time has passed, the next chapter will open for you, free for a limited period

Once the free period has ended, that chapter will return to its locked state -- be sure to read the chapter while the countdown is going.

When the required time has passed and the next free chapter is ready to view, you'll see it on the My Library > Time till free tab. You will also receive a push notification (if logged in and notifications are enabled) via the Tappytoon mobile app.

If you don't want to wait another term for the next chapter, you can unlock it immediately by spending your own Tokens or Points. Unlocked chapters like this will be connected to your account permanently, and you can view them again any time.

* Time till free is available on the mobile apps and our website. It is only available on certain series that are marked with the text and the "clock" icon, and certain final or promotional chapters are excluded.

* Be sure to turn on and allow "Push Notifications" in the Tappytoon mobile apps (on iOS, Android) so that we can alert you when the next free chapter is viewable.

* Tappytoon reserves the right to change, limit or disable Time till Free and its related functions at its discretion.

Tappytoon is bringing the best and newest wave of comics and webtoons to a global audience like yourself - yes, you! By focusing our efforts and working with talented creators, as well as hearing what gets you going, we're making a big and colorful splash. When you read a comic or webtoon episode on Tappytoon, you're helping the creators continue to tell and share awesome stories and characters - and bringing new voices into the mix. 

- Tappytoon comics and webtoons are only available in the English language at this time.

- All content on Tappytoon is serviced in official partnership with the respective creators and artists. Tappytoon works, has mutual and contractual agreements, and collaborates with the respective artists, creators and/or rights owners of all content served through the Tappytoon app, website, and related services.

Join us on, Twitter @tappy_toon, Instagram @tappy_toon and thanks for being part of this exciting movement in digital comics and webtoons!

We're extremely honored that you have considered us. But while some other sites and platforms have submission or upload/proposal processes, Tappytoon does not at this time.

We are not taking personal/individual submissions of comics or stories, and are currently focused on titles from official partners and publishers that we already have relationships with.

If this policy does change later and we open submissions, we'll announce it through our service.
Thank you for considering us and we wish you the best in your endeavors.

*Notice: Any unsolicited submissions (including unpublished story ideas, samples, pitches, synopsis, treatments, art, concepts, pages, etc) will be discarded.


Tappytoon and our partners (artists/writers/publishers/content providers/distributors) are not available for work-for-hire, and we cannot put you in touch with or connect you to our partners (or other persons/companies) for such purposes.