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Each Tappytoon chapter you read by unlocking with Tokens helps our creators and us to continue bringing fresh new stories and the best webtoons, comics and manhwa to everyone around the globe. Thank you for your support!

1. Are tokens and points the same value?

    - Yes, they are the same value, just different units. 

2. How can I switch over to points?

    a. Update your app to the latest version of Tappytoon (at least 3.5.0).

    b. Login as usual to your original account.

    c. Go to More > Purchase. Note your current balance.


    d. To convert your tokens to points and earn 3% bonus points, click on Switch to points. (The bonus of 3% is only available once per account, and a maximum of up to 700 points if you convert before September 29th)

    e. Your final points balance will amount to: your current tokens x 100 + your current points + 3% bonus of switched points

    f. Click Okay and check that your final point balance is applied.


3. Is there an expiry date for the tokens that I don't convert, or can I spend them first?

    - There is no expiry date and you can spend them first if you wish. However, we strongly recommend you convert to enjoy our new features and don't forget that the conversion bonus of 3% is only available when you switch over before the 29th of September 2021! 

4. I didn’t receive my bonus points from switching over, what can I do?

    - Please make sure you converted before the 29th of September first, and if you're still convinced that's the case, contact our support with your account details and screenshots.

5. I’ve already switched my tokens to points but I accidentally purchased tokens again on the web version. What should I do?

   - You can continue to spend the tokens purchased on the web version or switch over to tokens again in the app on an Android device, but you will not get bonus points if this is your second time switching over. 

6. What will happen to my iOS tokens? Will they also be converted to points and can I use them both on the app and on the web version?

    - You can convert tokens purchased on iOS to points and you will be able to use them on Android, iOS and web after the points conversion.

7. I have tokens on both iOS and web. How do I convert them all into points? Will they be totaled up when converting to points?

    - Due to Appstore constraints, tokens purchased on the web can only be converted into points on an Android device. However, you may continue purchasing and spending your tokens on the Web for now, until further notice. You may convert your tokens on iOS into points at any time.

*Terms and conditions of this offer is subject to change

PLEASE READ the below items carefully to avoid confusion.

Points are available to spend on all platforms 
regardless of the platform from which they were purchased. This means that points purchased on an iOS app via in-app purchase can also be spent on an Android device, and vice versa, as well as on the Web. Tokens, however, can only be spent on the web and can only be converted into points on an Android device.

Just like your Library, points are synced across platforms. However, synced mature titles and chapters can only be accessed on the Web.

Tokens are only available to purchase and spend on the Web. Tokens purchased on the Web cannot be used within the app on any device, and can only be converted into points on an Android device.

Points are coming to the Web in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any further questions, please reach us: support [@] tappytoon. com

*Currently, points cannot be used to Unlock Many on the Web.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Please ▶︎ reach our Support Team here ▶︎ and we'll get back to you soon.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Please ▶︎ reach our Support Team here ▶︎ and we'll get back to you soon.

We are sorry to cause you panic! The solution may be easier than you think.

1. Are you logged into the same account you signed up with?
Your purchase history is linked to the account you signed up with.

⚠️ Note: Facebook login is separate from Email and Password login!
Always use the same method you first signed up to Tappytoon to log in.
Using the Facebook button to log in after signing up for Tappytoon with an email and password will create a new and separate account. Your previous information and purchase history will not carry over.

2. Did you purchase tokens? Tokens are restricted to the Web. Please refer to the explanation below.

- Points can be purchased on iOS or Android, and can be spent on either platform or the Web regardless of which platform they were purchased from.
- Just like your Library*, points are synced across all platforms.
- Tokens can only be purchased on the Web, and can only be spent on the Web.
- Tokens can, however, be converted into points on an Android device.
* Mature content can only be accessed on the Web.

3. Do you use a different account?
With all the signups we do these days, it's possible you may have signed up and purchased with a different account. It's okay, it happens to the best of us!

Did you use Facebook login? Facebook login is different from email and password login. We've had readers accidentally create new accounts instead of logging into their existing one. Try logging in with another email, perhaps one that you use for site registrations.

Once you know your account email, you can reset the password here: Reset Password

4. Search your email inbox for any messages from Tappytoon.
If you don't see any emails from us in your inbox, it's likely that the emaill address you signed up with is different from the one you've just tried to log in with. The kinds of emails we might've sent include our registration/account activation message, or our newsletter emails. Our emails will come from "info [@] tappytoon. com" or "confirm [@] tappytoon. com". The email address where you received these emails is most likely the email you signed up with.

5. Is the comic you're looking for a mature comic?
Some series have a mature version and a separate non-mature version. Chapters unlocked for one version do not cross over or transfer to the other. This is because mature versions of comics are only available on the web. They will not appear anywhere inside our app regardless of device. You can check whether the comic in your Library is mature by the "mature" tag near the title of the series displayed on the website.

4. Did you read the chapter for free?
Free chapters that you read in the past (intro chapters or chapters that were previously free during a promotion) are not "purchased" and may become locked again after the event has concluded.

If none of these situations apply to you and you are in need of assistance,
please contact us:

- support [@]

- by Facebook Messenger:

Payments to purchase tokens are processed by PayPal though you do not need a PayPal account. You can enter your credit card data directly into PayPal without creating or using a PayPal account.

Please note the process below may vary by country, and may not be available on mobile browsers. (Desktop or notebook computer may be required to see the following option.)

1. Choose the token package, scroll and click the Pay with PayPal button.

2. On the Paypal login page, do NOT enter the email or password, and do NOT click the blue Log In button. 

Instead, click the grey button labeled Create account, Pay with a Card, Pay with a Debit or Credit Card or other similar (might be translated to match your language).

3. Enter your card details on the page labeled Guest Checkout, Pay with Card or similar. Address, phone may also be required depending on your country. Enter your email for getting a receipt from Paypal.

4. Scroll to the bottom, where there is an option to create a PayPal account. Leave it unchecked, or choose the option to say "No", and click "Continue.

4. Continue to finish the payment. Currency conversion or other fees may apply depending on your country.

Some possible issues depending on your situation:

1. PayPal won't accept my credit card
Some countries may have different requirements. Check the data entered and if everything you entered is correct, the card may already be linked to an existing Paypal account, and will only let that account proceed by logging in. You can try a different card that is not tied to PayPal.

2. I can't find the "Create Account" or "Pay with Card" option
Unfortunately in some cases PayPal may not allow direct credit card payments. Your location, country, or old PayPal browser cookies may suggest them to hide the option. You can try deleting your browser cache or cookies, or try browser private/incognito mode.

3. Purchase worked but I did not get my Tokens when the page reloaded.
Even when buying without a PayPal account, it is still PayPal that charges and deducts your card or payment method. PayPal or your Card/Bank may hold, delay or decline your payment for security reasons, especially for international/non-. Please check with your financial institution directly to clear any such holds and if you still need further help, please contact Tappytoon support here

Paypal (or use a guest login without Paypal account) is available to buy tokens or points on the Web.
Points are also available through in-app purchases on Android and iOS app.

The larger the points bundle, the more you save! Please note: Tokens purchased on the Web are the same value as points purchased through the app.

Balances are automatically updated after a purchase has been made.

Points purchased on iOS can be spent on any platform: Android, iOS app, or Web.
However, tokens are only available for purchase on the Web and are only available to be converted into points on Android.

Use your available balance to unlock premium chapters and view them again on any platform!

And before you go,
 we'd like to thank you for supporting your favorite creators by spending tokens. Each and every chapter on Tappytoon is made possible by the hard work of artists, creators, and our translators. Your help makes sure they can continue drawing, coloring, creating and sharing the stories and characters we all love.

If the Pay or Paypal button is missing or displays incorrectly when trying to buy Tokens, some browser settings may be interfering with the process. Please do the following:

- Turn off any Pop-up blockers, Ad-blockers or Cookie-blockers

- Try a private mode or incognito browser tab/window

- Try a different browser altogether (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc)

If you still have trouble, please reach out: support [@] tappytoon. com

Points and tokens are Tappytoon currency to unlock chapters from a comic or novel. Locked chapters have a points icon and price underneath the episode number, and locked chapters on the Web have a token icon and price underneath the episode number.
Use your points to unlock and read the chapter!

Note: Please read the below items carefully to avoid confusion.

Chapters can only be unlocked once per account. You can never be charged more than once to unlock a chapter as long as you are logged in with the same registered Tappytoon account.
Once a chapter has been unlocked and linked to your account, the price will be replaced with a "check" mark across all platforms (Android, iOS, Web) when you are logged in. This check mark means you have unlocked the chapter before and it is available for you to view at any time, and for as many times as you wish.

If the check mark seems to have disappeared, please double-check that you are logged in to the same account. Facebook login is separate from email + password login. Always use the same type of login when possible.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us at:

support [

And before you go
, we’d like to thank you for supporting your favorite creators by purchasing with us. Each and every chapter on Tappytoon is made possible by the hard work of artists, creators, and our translators. Your help makes sure they can continue drawing, coloring, creating and sharing the stories and characters we all love.

Chapters and episodes mean the same thing: one portion of a particular comic or novel. There is no difference in how the words are used on Tappytoon.

  • Episodes marked Free are not associated with or linked to your account.
  • Episodes marked Free are subject to change and may become locked at a later time. If that happens, you may need to use your tokens or points to unlock them.