// Notice / This comic will no longer be available after Oct. 31, 2019. Previously unlocked chapters can still be accessed from your 'My Library & Recent' section// [Series Complete] As a college student, Taek witnessed his parents get abducted by aliens. Disillusioned and delinquent, he's been to jail and back, now helping out at the hostel run by his brother Kevin. When a friend brings his wife and daughter for a weekend stay, more is definitely not the merrier. Past misdeeds scrape against fresh wounds and everyone, from the fanatic cult next door to the new guests, has plenty to hide. Will they clash or conquer the fate that awaits them? Why have the violent humanoid aliens returned after all these years? 'Rainbow' is a tense yet vivid encounter with an apocalypse like no other. Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Action