// Notice / This comic will no longer be available after Oct. 31, 2019. Previously unlocked chapters can still be accessed from your 'My Library & Recent' section.// [Series Complete] When a strapping young man tells Pearl she's a real fox, he means it; she has a fox tail just like the myths! Pearl's world is turned upside-down as she and David, the barefooted animal vet, face off against an uptick of strange creatures in the city they call home - including a sassy nine-tailed vixen. As they make chase between high-science and bloody folklore, Pearl must soon decide; will she choose to stay human or embrace her new powers as a supernatural force of tales long-forgotten? An adventure packed with action, 'Tails' makes its world-premiere debut on TappyToon. Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy Recommended age: 16+

By: Kyungmin Kim, Michael Cho