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We work with creators to bring their comics, manhwa and webtoons to our Tappytoon service. While we are adding more top titles, we can't have them all. Some series and creators cannot be presented -- from distribution to contracts to other business or content reasons. If you really wish for a certain series to be on Tappytoon, let the creators know! Tell them you want to read it officially on Tappytoon! 

You can also send us an email, but please note we cannot respond to all requests or suggestions: info [@] tappytoon . com
Tappytoon now offers series and comics for Mature Audiences, but ONLY on our website and mobile website.

You can still read these Mature Audience titles on your phone’s internet browser such as Chrome or mobile Safari.

In order to offer the rest of our comics through mobile apps, Tappytoon must comply with Apple and Google's content rules. Due to Apple and Google platform policies, certain restricted or Mature titles cannot be accessed in the mobile iOS or Android apps. Thank you for your understanding.

⚠️ Important!
"Mature Audiences Only" versions (only available on Web/Mobile Web) of a comic are SEPARATE from their Regular/Non-Mature version.
Chapters unlocked on one version will NOT carry over to the other version. Please confirm the [Mature] indicator near a title (see image below from our website).

⚠️ Important!
To access Mature Audiences titles
on the Tappytoon website, you must:
1. Log in
2. Confirm your age is 18 or older (or equivalent in your jurisdiction)
3. Set the "Mature" switch to ON at the top of the page

A quick shortcut to our expanding Mature selection:

NOTE: Tappytoon does NOT censor the artwork or scenes of our "Mature Audiences Only" titles. They are serviced to you through Tappytoon as the original artist or content partner has provided them to us. Similarly, certain titles have a separate "Mature" version and "Regular/Non-Mature" version; any scenes or art removed for the Regular version is, again, as the original artist or content partner has intended.

- READ ALSO: ⚠️ • iOS Tokens are separate/different from Web/Android Tokens! [more info→]
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A. Reset pemissions (Android, iOS, Web)
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1. Use another account
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Try logging in with another email, perhaps one that you use for site registrations.

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