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Stigma [Mature] - Marloong
Lick Me, Like Me [Mature] - R.erun, Riffle
Cat's Bride - IP, MA
Hyung, You're My Idol - Ari, JzongBomBom
Hyung, You're My Idol - KIM SUO, jaradog
The comics and series listed below will no longer be available after October 31, 2019.
After that date, the chapters of the following series that you previously unlocked will still be accessible from your 'My Library & Recent' section (*except one series, see below).
  • Cafe Requiem
  • From the Heavens
  • Tails
  • The Rainbow On One Saturday Night
  • My Perfect Boyfriend
  • Yum Yum Sweets
  • Meat Up Liberation Union
  • Greatest Band on Earth
  • Net Celeb Mona*
*(After October 31, 2019, the series Net Celeb Mona and all its chapters will no longer be available .)
Kingdom of the Queen - Bitoru, Chira
The Villain's Savior - Zetson, Myoung rang, YeonSeulA
Paid [Mature] - Fujoking
The Maid and the Vampire - Seon Lee, Yujeong Ju, Dolce Yi
Polarity - Eunsong
Gone with the Bubbles - Dagwa, HeaWon
Sadistic Beauty [Mature] - Lee Geumsan, Woo Yeonhui
Charlotte's Letter - KKomak
On or Off - A1
Lucia - Skye, TARUVI
I Found Somebody to Love - jinju · daya · momo
Lady Beast - NOW, SWAN

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What It Takes to be a Villainess - Sola, Yuns, Min(REDICE STUDIO)
May Belongs to Me [Mature] - cereal, Gaesalgu
Addiction [Mature]JIRAC, Taesung

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