Help - About TappyToon Tokens

Each TappyToon chapter you read by unlocking with Tokens helps our creators and us to continue bringing fresh new stories and the best webtoons, comics and manhwa to everyone around the globe.

Thank you for your support!

You can buy Tokens without creating or signing into a Paypal account, by using your credit or debit card in “Guest Checkout” — see the below steps.

Because the entire process is still safely protected by Paypal’s security measures, your personal card info and other details are never shared with us.

Episodes marked in the corner with a Token icon and price number are "locked" content. Spend Tokens to unlock and view it.

* NOTE: PLEASE READ the below items carefully to avoid confusion:

Some more things to remember for both Android and Web :

  • An episode or pack of episodes can only be unlocked with Tokens once per account. You can never be charged more than once to view it, as long as you login with the same registered account.
  • Once unlocked and linked to your account, a "check" mark will be shown on the episode(s) thumbnail (instead of the token price) on both Android and Web. This check mark means you have unlocked it before. You can view it again any time.
  • If you don't see the check mark at a later point, make sure you're logged in first.
  • Some series have "Buy All" type of items, so that you can unlock many episodes of that particular series at once.
  • These "Buy All" items will unlock all the episodes indicated in the description. These episodes will then all have the “check” mark instantly and be linked to your account.

They mean the same thing: one portion of a particular series or comic. There is no difference in how the words are used on TappyToon.

  • Episodes marked FREE are not associated with your account.
  • Episodes marked FREE are subject to change and may become locked with Tokens at a later time. At that point, you may have to use Tokens to view them.

* NOTE: PLEASE READ the below items carefully to avoid confusion:

Some more things to remember for both Android and Web :

  • • (A) means that chapter can be viewed once by watching an Ad. If you try to view it again later, you will see ads again.
  • • If you view a chapter using the (A) method, the next chapter of that same series cannot be viewed with (A) method for a specified amount of time.
  • (Example) Viewed Tails Ch. 5 with Ads -> No, wait for specified time before viewing Tails Ch. 6.
  • (Example) Viewed Tails Ch. 5 with Ads -> View Elevator Ch. 2 with Ads -> OK.
  • Viewing a chapter this way does NOT link it with your account. To permanently unlock a chapter (and not see ads for that chapter), you must spend Tokens. Unlocking a chapter means you can view it again at any time, and not pay for it again.
  • • (A) chapters will have an ad before opening, as well as ads while reading the chapter.

* NOTE: We hope you'll consider tokens next time! Each and every chapter on TappyToon is made possible by the hard work of artists, creators, and even translators. Your help makes sure they can continue drawing, coloring, creating and sharing these awesome stories and characters we all love.